Breakfast with the Bunny

Our town parks & rec department is really awesome! And I say that as someone with a Master’s degree in Recreation Administration and 8 years working full-time in the field. They. Are. Awesome.

We tried a new program with them this morning! Kids got to eat breakfast (pancakes and apple slices), make some fun crafts, meet the Easter Bunny, and get their pictures taken!

The crafts were great and gave us an opportunity to practice our skills with scissors and glue sticks. And “grown up glue,” as Maribel calls the elmer’s white glue 🙂

First up was coloring Easter eggs and a basket made from two paper plates with a half circle cut out (that was already done). Then the kids cut out the eggs with a little help and and the two paper plate halves were stapled together to make the basket. Cute!

Next was actually an activity on my lesson plan for the week that we hadn’t done yet (score!) so we can check that off now! We were given a baggie with pre-cut bunny parts, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners, as well as a white paper lunch bag. Easter Bunny bag puppet!

Maribel was very apprehensive about seeing the bunny. She is not a fan of people dressed in animal costumes… as we have seen with the chickfila cow, the life-size groundhog at a previous parks & rec event, and most recently at a birthday party with Mickey Mouse. A trip to Disney would not be a good idea for us right now. It would either break her of her fear or guarantee years of therapy in the future!

The P&R staff took Easter bunny portraits and will email them to us soon – see? Awesome! No paying $40 for a package of pictures with the Easter bunny at the mall!

We saw some old friends, made some new ones, and ended the morning playing on the playground in the absolutely gorgeous weather we’re having!

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