Dino-mite Dinosaurs!

Another Parks & Rec program! Last week’s topic was dinosaurs and I am AMAZED by how much they pack into a little more than an hour.

First up was making dinosaur masks! All we needed was half a paper plate with an eye hole cut, some triangles for ears and nose, googly eyes, and crayons. And a straw for the handle.

Next, the kids got an idea of the size of a dinosaur by seeing how many of their feet could fit inside the print of one dinosaur foot. Then they headed out into the hallway with the longest tape measure I have ever seen and pulled it out to the length of several kinds of dinosaurs. Even the parents observing were amazed seeing how big some of these creatures were! I mean, you know they’re BIG, but WOW!

After that they headed back into the classroom to make their dinosaur feet to complete the whole dino look 🙂

Then some hands-on fun and probably Maribel’s favorite part… they used droppers of warm water to melt the “glaciers” to find the little plastic dinosaurs. It took team work and the girls were SO excited when they got their dinosaur out. Then they headed over to these bins of sand where they were able to play paleontologist and dig for fossils. Let me just say those table clothes under the sand bins were a good idea. My kid is not good at keeping the sand in the sand box.


They ended with a fun snack, so I actually stand corrected… eating dinosaur claws (bugles) was Maribel’s favorite part!

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