“B is for Bunny”

Our letter this week is B, which is appropriate since it is also Easter week and we have an abundance of Bunny books! (I didn’t do that on purpose, but let’s pretend I did!) We have also had this little visitor outside our kitchen table window every night this week! Always in the same spot chowing down on clover. He has been fun to watch at dinnertime.

I want to say this has been another busier-than-usual week for us, but I think I may just need to realize that we always have busy weeks. I would like to have a regular morning routine down where we do similar things in the same order each day (or at least as many days as we can). On Mondays we introduce the new letter of the week, write it on the chalk board, and search the playroom for things that start with the letter. I’d like to follow that up with flashcards and/or a letter worksheet. Then “DEAR time” (leftover from my camp counselor days… Drop Everything And Read) where we read books related to our letter, plus seasonal/holiday and general alphabet books. This depends a bit on baby’s morning nap time though. Then music/songs, weather wheel, calendar review, and something Maribel chooses. She is constantly asking me to play with her and so often I have to say no (feeding baby, cooking dinner, working on the computer, etc…). It would be nice to have designated play time just the two of us while baby is sleeping.

On Monday morning she pulled this puzzle out of the box for us to do together. I found this in a grab bag of baby toys on a yard sale site and it was such a great find.

It is great for recognizing patterns and matching, as well as recognizing textures (the “furry” card is actually furry, etc…”and that morning I also used them as flash cards. I covered the picture and held up the cards just showing her the words. Several of the words she recognized immediately (cat, pig, frog, fish) without even needing to sound them out. These will be great again later when we get to adjectives and nouns.


We did a few “B” worksheets and I got a kick out of this one. The directions said to color in the items that start with B. Maribel told me, “I’m going to color in the bubbles, but not the man, because Mmmmm Mmmm Man starts with M.” Very literal!

Later that day after quiet time we worked on a few thank you cards for birthday gifts. I pre-wrote the message in the cards and was going to let her decorate with crayons and stickers. She surprised me when I opened up one of the cards and pointed right at the word and said “that spells love!” That was one I didn’t know she knew… maybe that was from all of our valentine’s books from GG!

We practiced writing her name on the cards and other than running out of room (hehe) I think she did pretty well!

Wednesdays are “Grandma Stephie” days and today was a special one… dyeing Easter Eggs! Maribel doesn’t exactly have the terminology down. She kept saying, “Is that egg going to die?” LOL! We used a few techniques including rubber bands and crayons to get different patterns on the eggs. And of course it was a good lesson on color mixing, but since Grandma Stephie was an art teacher, Maribel has got that down!

The plan for after nap is a special spring nature walk to find flowers we can press for our spring board. Maribel is very excited and asked if she could bring along her magnifying glass!

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Breakfast with the Bunny

Our town parks & rec department is really awesome! And I say that as someone with a Master’s degree in Recreation Administration and 8 years working full-time in the field. They. Are. Awesome.

We tried a new program with them this morning! Kids got to eat breakfast (pancakes and apple slices), make some fun crafts, meet the Easter Bunny, and get their pictures taken!

The crafts were great and gave us an opportunity to practice our skills with scissors and glue sticks. And “grown up glue,” as Maribel calls the elmer’s white glue 🙂

First up was coloring Easter eggs and a basket made from two paper plates with a half circle cut out (that was already done). Then the kids cut out the eggs with a little help and and the two paper plate halves were stapled together to make the basket. Cute!

Next was actually an activity on my lesson plan for the week that we hadn’t done yet (score!) so we can check that off now! We were given a baggie with pre-cut bunny parts, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners, as well as a white paper lunch bag. Easter Bunny bag puppet!

Maribel was very apprehensive about seeing the bunny. She is not a fan of people dressed in animal costumes… as we have seen with the chickfila cow, the life-size groundhog at a previous parks & rec event, and most recently at a birthday party with Mickey Mouse. A trip to Disney would not be a good idea for us right now. It would either break her of her fear or guarantee years of therapy in the future!

The P&R staff took Easter bunny portraits and will email them to us soon – see? Awesome! No paying $40 for a package of pictures with the Easter bunny at the mall!

We saw some old friends, made some new ones, and ended the morning playing on the playground in the absolutely gorgeous weather we’re having!

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