Fun on the Farm

We are fortunate enough to have a local vet school nearby that opens up their training facility once a year for school groups to come and visit the animals. Homeschools are welcome! We were certainly not the only ones to take advantage of this event, as I was blown away by the number of people there! We did have to wait in some lines, but overall it was worth it.

Maribel got to pet a goat, and saw sheep, turkeys, pigs, horses, and cows!

She also got to try her hand at milking a “cow” ..although back in my day they let you try it on the real cow! We were able to watch a presentation by a dairy farm about how cows and milked and got to watch.

There were 8 or 10 tractors out for the kids to climb on and check out. That was a big hit!

Maribel loved our visit to the farm! And Wesley wore his overalls for the ocassion 🙂


We went straight from the farm to our kindergarten readiness program. We lucked out that animals were the theme and Maribel got to stamp and spell out several animals.

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