Our First Day

Maribel turned 3 last week, so today marks our official first day of homeschooling! She is very excited as you can see in the picture. We’re big Daniel Tiger fans, so she insisted he join her in the picture. How could I argue?

First Day of Preschool

We’re using a combination of resources for our homeschool:
Letter of the Week free online preschool curriculum
Mr. Rogers Plan & Play Book
A multitude of age-appropriate of workbooks from Target, Dollar Tree, etc..
Our local library
Classes and events offered by our local Parks & Recreation department
Homeschooling preschoolers local Facebook group
And my favorite: Two grandmas… one currently a teacher and one a retired teacher (both elementary)

I have so very much to learn about homeschooling in general, and about how things will work in our house. To get us started I have made several weeks of a very loose lesson plans. I have a feeling they are packed too full right now, so we will try them out and see what can realistically be accomplished in a day or a week and adjust accordingly.

The primary purpose of this blog is to document our adventures in schooling, as well as share what we’re doing with family and friends who are interested.

Happy first day of preschool to Maribel, and good luck to mommy!

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